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Common with customer go forward:
   The customer is the resources of business enterprise importance, hundred million nations pass to provide the product kimono of the superior quality duty for the customer, promote the customer's competition ability, in the meantime at satisfy customer need of in the meantime promote oneself of technique ability, realization win with customer's double.

Common with employee go forward:
   The employee is a business enterprise of importance capital, hundred million nations pass to provide for the employee necessity of terrace and condition, full hair stir the employee's creative power and wisdom and ability, thus realization employee at create sex satisfy customer need of in the meantime, is business enterprise creation value, pay attention to person and respect is hundred million have a foothold of nations of origin.

With society common go forward:
   Yibang at pay attention to from living development of in the meantime, more concern business enterprise of society value, achievement ego, repay society is hundred million pursue of nations.

Common with ages go forward:
   With hour total enter continuously innovation is a business enterprise of development it way, innovation be the motive force that hundred million nations never let

The intense emotion is heroic:
   _____Attitude, aggressive mindset of work, just to of the spirit of thinking, innovation, mightiness of sense of responsibility.The company promote: Be full of intense emotion a work, health happiness of life.

Fine is Anne:
   ____Profession of level, customer's idea, competition consciousness, more fine, post expert.The company promote: the courage of meticulous spirit, outstanding preeminence.

The trustworthiness is virtuous:
   ____Being person's standard, sincerity act towards people, keep promise management, humbleness attitude, feel grateful wear virtuous.The company promote: have the work, dignity of quality of life.

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