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1, TYM1110 automatic stamping die-cutting machine for vertical and horizontal two-way pull Be stamping die-cutting machine.
2, the machine adopts industrial computer control system, large-screen LCD touch-screen monitor the operation of the machine status, fault alarm, maintenance tips. The operation is more humane.
3, iron-on control system to follow throughout the walking process, in the display settings, with aluminum foil to be while stock tips, remote diagnostics and maintenance functions.
4, the temperature control module partition control, with heating time setting function effectively improve the work efficiency.

Note: The actual operating speed of the machine by a number of factors, such as the size of the cardboard, thickness, quality, cardboard after printing surface, the complexity of the job, working pressure and so on. Mechanical Only in the case of a variety of factors in an optimal state, in order to achieve maximum speed.

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